Reasons why good student accommodation is better than renting privately

College life has not always been a walk over. A myriad of challenges welcomes each and every student the moment you get to that college or university gate. Leaving the comfort of your home where everything from food to bedding is provided without any charge or even thinking about it becomes a serious issue that needs key consideration whenever you join a college for your high learning.

However, with every challenge comes a solution, the only thing that’s really difficult is choosing between student accommodation halls provided by the university and private houses provided by individuals for renting purposes.

Since every student needs room to stay in whilst undertaking his or her study, the following are reasons why good student accommodation is better than renting privately:-

Security matters

All students in colleges, universities and other avenues of learning are required by nature and institution rules to report in school fully prepared with their tools to facilitate their learning process and gear for their personal use. Have you ever been frustrated as a parent or student? If no, wait until you lose your Apple precious MacBook Pro with all your education life’s work plus final year dissertation in it…courtesy of it being stolen.

Guards at nearly every corner and at the halls entry traditionally secure good student accommodation with strict rules on identification before getting into any student hall unlike renting privately with all sorts of people as your housemates and without proper or strict rules on entry into these houses.

Theft of your dissertation will automatically force you to postpone your graduation or you will have to buy dissertation online.


It’s a fact for every human being needing tremendous success in his /her endeavor to not that time is more than money and once wasted it will never be recovered. Most degree programs run for four academic years and some like engineering programs run for five years. It is no exaggeration to say that every single minute spends in college counts and will appear in your final year grade. The difference between a Distinction and just a Pass is time.

Good student accommodation provides ample time for a student to undertake their studies seriously with every minute and second spend on quality studies unlike privately rented housing with is accompanied by numerous circumstances that lead to time wastage. A good example is that of a private house for rent situated 5 kilometers from your college.

City jam from vehicles will make a student renting in such distance private house spend several minutes and sometimes hours before arriving at his/her rented house. Due to such circumstances and many more others, most students end up not getting enough time to study causing panic in fear of failing in their dissertation which in turn makes them spend every coin they can possibly lay their hands on to buy dissertation online.

Affordability is Key

Economics of every kind is in the blood of every reasonable man. In most cases, student accommodation provided in school is far much affordable than that provided by private entities. Student welfare associations in every learning institution often charge a reasonably small amount to provide accommodation to their endeared students this is due to the fact that most of the learning institutions aren’t capitalist or money making entities but rather knowledge and skill imparting institutions.

Private house providers are a money making a lot that charges handsomely to recoup their investment plus huge profits making them expensive as compared to good student accommodation provided by learning institutions. Affordability of good student accommodations means more money is saved by students to perform other tasks such as buying dissertation online for comparison with their dissertations.

No hidden and recurrent charges

Good student accommodation provided by learning institution reciprocates to perfect planning. Most learning makes sure that their students pay an annual amount inclusive of all bills such as electricity, water, and other requirements. Private renting houses often pass the burden of the bills to the tenant who is a student in this case. Water and electricity bills are recurrent and paid mostly on a monthly basis.

Other hectic and chaotic charges such as agent fee and garbage collection charges are hidden. The nature of such charges is difficult to monitor and poses a challenge in student financial budgeting given that most students rely on parents to cater for their needs and others depend on freelancing jobs that aren’t guaranteed every now and then.

It’s without a doubt that good student housing is a better choice than renting privately as clearly reasoned above.

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