How to find budget student accommodation or a room?

Many students have to relocate to a new city or town for their higher education and these students do not have any prior work experience and have no savings. Hence they depend almost completely on their parents for financial help.

To avoid being a burden on their parents, many students are interested in finding accommodation at the lowest cost possible. While some colleges have hostels for students, there are many smaller colleges which do not have hostels since they have only a few students from outside the city. Some tips for finding low-cost student accommodation to match the budget are provided.


It is important to estimate the time for which the rental accommodation will be required well in advance. The duration of most courses is specified, some course is for a few weeks, while others are for a few months, a year or longer. Property owners are renting their rooms for specific periods only, and if the period for which the room has to be rented, it is easier to find suitable rooms. Also, room rentals are higher during the peak tourist season for the area, so it is advisable to join the course, during the off-peak season.


Another important factor to be considered while searching for accommodation is the location of the college where the course is being conducted. It is advisable to rent a room in the vicinity of the college, preferably within walking distance. This will save a lot of time and money in commuting expenses. The college may have an arrangement with local property owners who offer rooms for rent to the students. Hence, it is advisable to check with the college, if they have any provision for the accommodation of students who are not from the city where the college is located.

Different types of student rooms available

The different options available for students who are interested in finding a rental room are as follows:
– hostels have rooms for students and working professionals at a reasonable rate. However the quality of their facilities vary greatly, it is advisable to check reviews and location before finalizing a hostel room.
– shared rental accommodation: renting an apartment is expensive for a single student, so it is advisable to network with other students who are also looking for rental rooms. The students may be from the same college or other colleges.
– paying guest accommodation is a cost-effective option for a student with limited funds since there are many families with a spare room which they wish to rent out. The only disadvantage is that the student may not get along with the family or the rules are extremely strict.

Finding room rentals.

Online classified websites and property portals are the most popular option for students who are interested in finding a suitable room rent since these websites can be accessed from anywhere. It is also advisable to check with the local property brokers, who may be aware of low-cost rooms for rent, which are not listed online, because of privacy and other concerns.