Awesome tips for finding perfect student accommodation from Grove Guest House

College can be tough and can even become more difficult considering its costs. Student housing is a large part of total college funding. Fortunately, given the competition between rental apartments in large cities, it is obvious that students can still find cheap housing to accommodate them. Here are some suggestions for finding cheap but decent student accommodation.

Inform Your Loved Ones of Your Endeavor

Tell your family, your friends and even some of your acquaintances that you are looking for student accommodation in a specific place. They could have excellent sources to help you find the cheapest but decent home. Even if they can tell you where to look, they can also warn you not to do it.

Check Out Advertisements

Check both lists online and in newspapers for accommodation relating to students. These are great tools to help you understand room specifications, including the surface of the room, furniture, and services. Usually, most advertisements have a photo of the place with specifications. When you login online, you can even take a virtual tour of your room and the entire apartment. While collecting your options, you can also compare prices at the same time.

Review Accommodation Ratings

Reading reviews of different accommodation allows you to compare units and prices. It is also important to determine the payment method and some payment claims made by other tenants. Some homes may offer low initial rentals but may increase the price after a few months. To avoid being deceived, be sure to read the notes and ratings of past and current tenants. Too many negative comments can warn you of bad housing.

Consider the Location

Looking for the cheapest accommodation does not always match the price. The position counts. Calculate your likely round-trip transportation costs between your university and your accommodation. If your budget is big enough, consider renting a place near your school to reduce transportation costs.

Split Expenses

If you find a good place to live but exceed your budget, it’s time to look for a roommate. In this way, you can also share the rent to lighten everyone’s load. Be sure, however, to have good relations with your roommate. If not, you could carry a heavier load in the long run.
Money does not grow on trees and everything is neither cheap nor free. Knowing how to make money and save money while studying away from home can make a big difference.


When you move into your new home, take stock of all the problems you see at the beginning, such as broken windows, damaged walls, carpet stains or faulty kitchen equipment. Keep a copy and send a copy to the owner, so you will not be charged for any damage you have not caused. It is also best to inform the owner immediately if something is damaged or broken so that it can be repaired quickly without causing further damage.

Tenancy agreement

Before signing a lease, take the time to read it and understand it. Some landlords will require a “joint and several liability” contract, which means that if a tenant does not pay the rent, you may be required to pay, so choose this option if you are sure the other tenants will pay. Make sure all other tenants understand this clause before signing an agreement.

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